What to Expect from A senior Living Facility Offering Memory Care Services

Senior living facilities with memory care services deal with people with Alzheimer’s. It is common for a senior person to develop memory problems as they continue to age. Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia are often progressive, often leaving older adults unable to live alone. Here is what you need to expect from a senior living facility with memory care services.

Layout and Environment

The facility should have unique facility layouts to reduce confusion. People living with memory loss may find dead ends in a facility frustrating. Look for facilities with curved hallways to make movement easy. Also, the facility doors should be well labeled with pictures or words to reduce getting lost.

The outdoor space needs to be enclosed to prevent wandering. The place is expected to be clean and pleasant to settle. The environment should be calm and secure to avoid upsetting the residents. Do not forget to check if the exterior doors are locked to ensure the residents don’t leave without getting noticed.


Staff at such a facility must have special training to give the required care that the residents need. There also should be a nurse around to assist with any medication service needed. Sometimes the residents may exhibit behavioral problems, and the staff should be prepared.

Memory enhancing therapy is an added advantage. The practitioners should be certified to take care of the residents. Older adults with dementia need help with their daily activities. Having staff to cater to that is vital.

Personal Attention

Helping with daily activities may not be enough. The senior living home should ensure that residents living with dementia or Alzheimer’s get personalized supervision. 24/7 observation is a requirement for such individuals.

Staff in these facilities create relationships with family members and the resident to establish a good rapport. Taking note of the person’s past life preferences, health history, and care needs improve care quality. It also fosters a holistic understanding between the staff and the resident.


A senior living facility should have a great selection of activities for the residents living with memory loss. There are memory-enhancing activities that need to be practiced with Phoenix Dementia Care. Some are fun games given to the elderly, while others are therapy treatments that require a trained professional.

Treatments like occupational, music, reminiscence, art, or pet therapy help improve people’s memory and lift their moods. Pet therapy is essentially meant to calm the resident by offering companionship. For people suffering from dementia, maintaining a good mood is pertinent.

Transportation Services

Care coordination is an important service provided by senior living facilities. Most senior persons require medical attention and other health-related appointments. The constant need to move around to meet with their doctors should be made easier by the facility.

Since someone with memory loss may find it find to remember things, the home should make sure they go to all their required appointments. Family members may be too far or busy to have the time always to be there. Some facilities have their medical clinics within the home.